Snooker Accessories Guide – Best Snooker Cue Cases and other Accessories to Buy

So if you are new to Snooker you could be forgiven for thinking all you need to play is a table, balls and a cue right?

Well yeah basically but the game also has a few accessories that improve and enhance the game. Some will be supplied at a snooker club or if you own your snooker table, there are many accessories to consider getting.

So lets take a look at the different accessories available.  


Snooker Cue Cases

So if you have invested in your own snooker cue you will need to get yourself a case to protect your cue in transport and its handy to store it in as well.

Cue cases are available for 3/4 jointed cues, 1 or 2 piece cues and even pool cues.

If you are just beginning to play Snooker and don’t own a cue yet, you might want to consider that some cues come with a case included which offers great value.

If you already own a cue you might want to consider this case below which looks great as well as protecting your cue. Always make sure that the case you are buying is suitable and your cue will fit!


Cue Soul 3/4 Jointed Snooker Cue Case

This case is made by Cue Soul and is for a 3/4 jointed snooker cue.  The case is 47″ long and has an MDF structure inside with two compartments for storing your cue, an extension, your chalk and anything else you can fit in.

Its made of wood and leather so its solid and durable enough to withstand any accidental bangs, bumps or drops.

It looks the part too and would be a worthwhile investment to protect your cue.


Check it on Amazon

Snooker Rests

For those hard to reach and tricky shots you really need a rest to help you. Cross rests are the most common rests and these are the general rests you will see in snooker halls.  They are basically a cue with a brass or plastic cross on the end which you can set your cue on and it allows you to reach the cue ball when it would be out of reach.  Again a must have if you have your own table.

This rest pictured is a cross rest and is available online at



Check it on Amazon



Scoreboards will be supplied in snooker halls obviously but are a necessary accessory if you have your own snooker room at home.  How else are you going to keep score!

This score board has a classic look is basic but great value and will look great on your wall.

Its available online at


Check it on Amazon


Final thoughts….


If you are going to invest in your own snooker cue it really is worthwhile protecting it using a cue case like the one. Fabric and plastic sleeves are also available.  

If you have own snooker table you can get all sorts of accessories like table brushes, rests, scoreboards, lighting and ball sets.  The list goes on and on but its important to enjoy playing on the table over anything else! 

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