Cheap Snooker Cues – Quality Snooker Cues to buy for a bargain!

If you are just starting out playing Snooker, you will probably be thinking about buying a cue of your own rather than use the poor quality ones often found in Snooker halls.

Perhaps you’ve owned your own cue before and need a new one but don’t have a big budget.

The good news is that it is possible to get cheap Snooker cues that are also high quality!     

Best Cheap Snooker Cues

So lets dive in and look at the best Snooker cues available for a reasonable price.

If you are short on time, here’s our top pick!


57″ Handmade Snooker Cue




Made with Northern American Ash for the shaft and Rosewood for the butt, this cue is certainly one to consider.

The cues length is 57″, it has a 9.5mm cue tip and has a brass joint and ferrule.

This cue weighs 18/19 oz.

Although this cue does not come with a case, a nice extra is that it comes packaged with a 15 cm mini butt. 

Comes highly recommended as a bargain value quality cue .

JIAN YING 57″ Handmade Snooker Cue




This 2 piece ash shaft cue comes very highly recommended at a bargain price. 

The cue length is 57″, has a 9-9.7 mm cue tip and weighs 18-19.5 oz.

A nice little extra is that this cue comes packaged with a leatherette bag to carry it in.

This cue is priced at the lower end of the market but there are many players satisfied with it.



Cuesoul 57″ Handcrafted Snooker Cue 



This 3/4 jointed cue is made by a well known snooker brand but is really good value.

This cue weighs 18 oz and its length is 57″ with a 9.5 mm glue on tip.

The shaft is made of kiln dried North American ash with walnut Butts with Four Splices and Maple Veneers.

It comes with some great extras such as a leatherette bag for carrying it and a 6″ mini butt end extension and joint protector. 

This cue receives loads of favourable reviews and with its extras thrown in appears to be a really great deal for a small investment.

Hard to beat! 



BCE Red Mark Selby Snooker Cue




This 2 piece cue is endorsed by Mark Selby. 

The cue itself is made up of a North American ash for shaft and a machine spliced four point ebonised butt. 

It is suitable for Snooker and Pool. 

This cue weighs from 18 – 20 oz and requests can be made to match your required weight.

Cue length is 57.48″ and it has a 9.5 mm cue tip with brass ferrule.

Another point of interest is this cue has a spiral centre joint and also a rubber butt protector.

The round up

Choosing a cue can be tricky.  If it’s your first cue you are probably best going with a cue like one of the options above.

One thing you can be sure about is that buying a cheap cue is miles better than using the beat up sticks down at your local Snooker club and will improve your game no end!  

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