How to pot a ball in Snooker – improve your Snooker potting


It’s what it’s all about isn’t it?  Potting those balls into the pockets and the great feeling when they go in.

It all looks so simple on TV………… why when you step up to the table to take on an easy shot, you completely fluff it?

Well fear not because here’s a few tips that you can use to help improve your potting and overall snooker game.


When taking on any shot, the first thing to remember is to look for the position you need for your next shot!  There is no point potting a red to snooker yourself on a colour or giving your opponent an unnecessary advantage!

However, don’t worry if you pot a ball and don’t have a good position on the next ball, just play it safe and you’ll get another chance.


The sweet spot

The sweet spot is simply the point of contact on the object ball that if hit with the cue ball sends it into the pocket.

To find the sweet spot try the following:

  • First of all look at the cue ball and the object ball and the line between them
  • Next draw a line in your head from the pocket to and through to the other side of the object ball giving you 2 marks on the ball (one facing the pocket and the other side of the ball).
  • The sweet spot is the mark that faces AWAY from the pocket.
  • Finally line up your shot and aim to hit the sweet spot with the cue ball.


Final thoughts….

Again as with everything this takes a bit of practice but this technique is really effective once you get the hang of it.

It will help you improve your potting so stick with it!

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