Whats the best Pool balls to buy? Pool Table Balls Buyers Guide

When looking at what set of pool table balls to buy, a few factors like how often you play on your table and your budget will obviously influence your decision.  This post looks at what’s available from the high quality balls to the more cost effective set and has something for every budget.  Make sure to check out the pink and black set with the silver no 8 ball!


Super Aramith Pro-Cup 8 Pool 2″ ball set


These balls have been described as the best in the world and have been used in professional tournaments you might see on television.

This set is of extremely high quality and comes with the 1-7/8″ white-red dot cue ball (also known as the measles ball), the black stripped no 8 ball and  2″ red and yellow balls.

The cue ball weighs 98g as it is smaller and the other balls weigh 118g.


If you have invested in a decent pool table and play nearly every day or are part of a pool team, these are the balls for you.  They are simply some of the best balls you can buy.

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Red and Yellow Aramith 2″ Pool ball set

A little bit less pricey but still has the high quality of ball that Aramith are known for manufacturing.

Comes with the 1-7/8″ white cue ball, black no 8 ball and 2″ red and yellow balls make up this quality set.

These balls will pay for themselves as they will last a long time compared to a low cost set and they look the business as well.


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Aramith Premier Silver 8 Ball Edition Pink and Black Pool Ball set

This striking pool ball set really stands out and will certainly give your table a unique look as opposed to playing with the usual red and yellow balls set up!

This set comes with a distinctive silver  2″ no 8 ball which weighs and performs the same as the standard black no 8 ball.  A golden no 8 ball is also an option!

Pink and black 2″ balls and a 1 and 7/8″ cue ball completes this awesome set.   They are suitable for pub 6ft, 7ft and 8ft English pool tables with a coin operated mechanism.


The premier balls are made from high quality phenolic resin meaning they are more impact and scratch resistant than the cheaper ball sets out there.

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Aramith 57.2mm Tournament Pool ball set 16/balls


Tournament pool balls

The best.  The cream of the crop. Simply the highest quality of pool balls available.

This is the Tournament pool ball set by Aramith and they are stunning.  Yes they are expensive but when you consider that they should last for up to 40 years with residential use, you are going to get your moneys worth!

This set comes with 2 1/4″ balls – 15 brightly coloured numbered balls (solids and stripes and the no 8 black ball) and a white Aramid logo cue ball.

Described as as being produced with professional quality  specifications of weight, density, balance, roundness, colour, hardness and glossiness.  If you have a high end pool table and are a serious player then you will not regret buying these balls.


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Standard Spots and Stripes 2″ Pool ball set


This is a standard pool ball set that you can get pretty cheaply.  However, you get what you pay for and low end pool ball sets are more likely to need replaced regularly due to chipping and wear and tear and aren’t as easy on your table either.

However, if you only play very occasionally these balls will do the job for you.

This set has 2″ spotted and stripped balls, a black no 8 ball and a cueball.


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Final thoughts on what pool ball set to buy…….


If you only play once a week, there’s nothing wrong with buying a budget set of balls.  On flip side if you play regularly and a little bit more money you should definitely consider buying a set of Aramith balls like the ones above. You will notice better game play, your table will have less wear and tear and you will have to replace your balls less often.

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