Should I buy a Pool table? Pool table buyers guide

You have an empty space in the garage or spare room.  Not for the first time you ask yourself, should I buy a pool table?

Picture this, its Friday night and it’s been a rubbish week at work.  The doorbell rings and it’s your best mates.  They follow you out to your garage where there is a fully stocked fridge of cold beer and your brand new pool table!

You know you deserve this but where to start to get the best pool table for you?

What to look for when buying a pool table



So first thing to find out is how much space you have so you will know what size of pool table you can fit in the room.  Pool tables are generally 6, 7, 8 or 9 feet in size and you must also take into account the cue as you need sufficient space to take shots comfortably.  You can also get short cues for tight corners if you are really pushed for space.

American or English Pool table?

English pool tables are usually 6 or 7 feet and are common in bars and pool halls in the UK and are coin operated. They generally use smaller red and yellow balls.  They also have smaller corner pockets than american tables but more open middle pockets.

American pool tables are bigger usually 7 to 9 feet and generally use larger striped and spotted balls. The corner pockets are also bigger but the middle pockets are not as open as the English table.


When comes to pool tables you have 3 price ranges really – Budget, Mid-range and top end professional tables.

Budget pool tables

These types of tables usually cost £300 to £500 and are great for people who just to want to play occasionally like on the weekends for a bit of fun with friends or family.  Tables in this price range can be decent but will most likely use MDF board and the cloth will not be as of good a quality as mid-range tables.

This Viavito PT200 is an attractive 6 foot table in this range.  It has an automatic ball return system with EVA lining to help reduce noise.  It is described as solid and durable with excellent ball rebound.

This pool table also has adjustable feet and a hard wearing green wool cloth.

It also comes with a triangle, brush, chalk, 2 cues and a set of pool balls making this a very appealing overall package!


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Mid-range pool tables

These types of tables usually cost £550 to £1400 and are for the more serious pool players who may spend a little more time on the table.  For this sort money you will get a better quality of build and it will also be more pleasing on the eye.  There is also a lot more choice of style and cloth colours.


This Simba 7 foot professional size pool table falls into this price range.  This is the classic looking pool table you will find in a bar or club with the electronic coin machine and returnable white ball system.

It has a green cloth and adjustable feet to level the table and chrome plated corner pockets.

It also comes with a triangle, brush, chalk, 2 cues and a set of numbered pool balls.  Overall it is a great looking pool table suitable for a bar or home.


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Professional pool tables

These are the top-end tables that are beautiful to look at and excellent to play on but will cost a lot more money!  These professional tables cost anything from £2000 upwards but are of extremely high quality and superior craftsmanship.

This 8 foot Arizona Pool table is a masterpiece and simply stunning. It’s made with hand crafted European copper Beech solid wood and has been stained to give it an antique look.

The frame and legs are carved with designs to give the table a utterly unique look.  This is a luxurious pool table and is of the highest quality to play on and is a awesome looking design!


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Final thoughts….

Hopefully this article has been useful to you and has helped to persuade you to pull the trigger and buy that pool table that you want so much!

But think about this way,  Pool tables are a great addition to feature in any household.  You can also spend quality time with your family and friends doing something which is not only fun but free!

Finally, a pool table is a great investment if taken care of properly so go on and get the one you want as you won’t regret it!


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