How to retip a Snooker cue – Best Snooker cue tips

In this post we will describe how to replace the tip on your snooker (or pool) cue and also look at the best snooker cue tips and accessories to buy.

A good snooker cue tip is vital to your overall game and a cue with a tip in bad condition will affect your performance drastically which is why its good practice to replace your tip when needed.

Don’t worry though as re-tipping a snooker or pool cue is relatively straight forward after a little bit of practice and you can also apply this to re-tipping pool cues as well.


Steps to re-tip your snooker cue


To do this you will need a new snooker tip, a sharp knife, sand paper and some glue.

To begin with you first of all need to remove the old tip.  Use your knife carefully to remove the old tip. Once you have cut off the old tip, use a bit of sandpaper on top of the ferrule to remove any left over bits of old tip making sure the surface is sanded flat.

Next get your new tip and apply some glue evenly to the top of the ferrule and then place the tip onto it evenly.

Once the tip is on, turn the cue upside down and apply some light pressure to the tip by pushing the cue onto a hard surface for a minute or two. After this leave the cue for half an hour for the glue to set properly.

To finish turn the cue upside down and carefully trim down the overlapping sides of tip taking off a little bit at a time so its flush.  Make sure to avoid cutting into the shaft or ferrule.  Use some sandpaper to sand off any rough edges and then use a cue tip shaper (like the one below) to shape the cue tip to what you require.


Best Snooker cue tips

So now that you know how to put a new tip on your cue, you’ll probably be needing some tips right?

Here is everything you’ll need to retip your cue like a pro!


Elkmaster glue on Snooker/Pool cue tips

Elkmaster cue tips are made of specially treated leather to help keep its shape.  They can be used on snooker or pool cues.

These tips are 9.5mm but other sizes are available such as 10mm etc.

Tips also come with free sandpaper to help prepare your tips.

Elkmaster cue tips are well known and highly recommended by players.


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Cue Craft tip Shaper

Just the job when you need to shape a new tip.  This tip shaper can be used on snooker or pool cues.  It also comes with 10 replacement sandpaper inserts and is small enough to fit in the majority  of cue cases.

This tip shaper is extremely popular and highly recommended by pool and snooker players alike.


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Bison Super Glue Gel

There’s no point in buying a great cue tip and accessories unless you are going to use decent glue to secure it properly!

Bison Super Glue Gel is ideal for retipping a snooker or pool cue  and it is used regularly by shops that retip cues professionally.


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Final thoughts………

It’s so important to play with a decent cue tip as it makes such a difference to your game.  With a little bit of practice you can fit and shape a new cue tip easily.

It’s also a good idea to carry a tip shaper and some super glue in your cue case so you can carry out a bit of work on the tip during a game or even reattach a tip if it comes off after a shot!

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