Best Snooker cue for beginners


What’s the best snooker cue for a beginner?

Well firstly if you are just starting out playing snooker I would advise you not to go and spend a load of your earned money on an expensive cue.

You want to aim to get a bit of playing time under your belt first so you will be looking at cheap snooker cues to start off with such the ones below!


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What makes a good snooker cue?

So what should you be looking for when buying a snooker cue?  Well firstly you should know that there are different types of cues available with different features.


Snooker cue joint

Snooker cues come as a one piece or with a 1/2 or 3/4 joint.

One pieces are usually offered in Snooker clubs if you don’t have your own cue.  For this reason they are heavily used and obviously take a bit of a beating by the various punters so you are at an immediate disadvantage when using these!

You can buy a one piece snooker cue of your own of course and they play really and are well balanced.  The problem is these are only practical if you have your own table at home as you have to transport it to and from the snooker club!

A 1/2 jointed cue is a popular choice as they are easy to pop in a case and carry or store while a 3/4 jointed cue offers the best of worlds.

No two cues are the same and the most important thing is getting a cue you like and are comfortable playing with.


Cue material, weight and length

Most cues are made of ash, maple wood or rosewood with a heavy wood like ebony for the butt.  The most common weight of a cue is about 18oz but you can also get cue lighter or heavier if you want.  The standard length of a snooker cue is about 58 inches (147.5cm) but again you can shorter cues if you want.  Mini cues are available if you have a table at home and is in a tight space.  A mini cue allows you to take the shot in tight corners for instance.


Cue tip

The most common snooker cue tip size is 9.5mm to 10mm which allows for good contact and control.  However you can get cue tips up to 12mm.  Smaller cue tips allow more controlled shots but will also show up any  faults you make more. The cue tip is glued onto the cue and than can be sanded or shaped how you desire.


So where’s a good place to look for Snooker cues for sale?

To be honest you can’t go to far wrong with Amazon as you are guaranteed a decent quality product delivered to your door and your money back guaranteed if you aren’t happy.

They do all types of affordable cues right up to really expensive ones.  Here are a few good starter snooker cues:

Cue imageCue nameLengthWeightCue tip sizeMaterialComments
Michaes starter cue
WL Sports 3/4 split Hand made multi-handspliced Gabon Zebrawood Ash Snooker Cue

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145 cm18/19 oz9.5mmpremium quality north American ash butt: hand spliced with rosewoodexotic woods mini butt: 15cm joint & ferrule: quality brass joint and ferrule
Ronnie O'Sullivan snooker cueRonnie O'Sullivan 2 piece Merlin Snooker Cue

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57"17-18oz9.5mmNorth American Ash woodBCE logo badge on the butt on the cue; Rubber butt protector - for added cue protection against knocks and bumps
Powerglide basic cuePowerglide 2 piece SPYDER Snooker cue

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144.78cmStandard but different weights on request10mmExotic wood. Ash wood shaftEbony butt
BCE starter cueBCE Mark Selby ELECTRIC SHOCKWAVE 2pc Ash Snooker cue

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144.78cm18-20 oz9.5mmAsh woodA two piece cue with spiral center joint, suitable for both snooker and pool; 9.5mm leather stick on tip with brass ferrule;
BCE  Jimmy White cueBCE Jimmy White SAPPHIRE 2 Piece Ash Snooker Cue - JW3000
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145cmMedium to heavy9.5mmGrade 'A' North American ash BCE logo badge on the butt on the cue; Rubber butt protector - for added cue protection against knocks and bumps



To sum up, when you are just beginning to play snooker there’s no point spending the big bucks until you get a feel for the game.

Just get yourself an affordable cue that you can enjoy playing with and then when you get a bit of practice and game time banked, get something a bit more expensive but only if you want to.

Also, It’s perfectly fine to keep playing with the same cue, especially if you are comfortable with it, are playing great snooker and enjoying the game!


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